Tuesday, 9 October 2012

What Christians will be raptured, and who will be left behind?

Are you saved? Does the Holy Spirit dwell in you? Are you sealed by the Holy Spirit? Are you a truley REBORNE Christian? Are you a Child of GOD? Do you belong to God?

Yes?......then you will be raptured.

Listen to what Raymond Lombard has to say in in regard to the following (refer summary of the answers hereunder)

UNFORTUANATELY; Voice is in Afrikaans, script in English

Are you saved?
Does the Holy Spirit dwell in you?
Are you a child of God?
Do you belong to God?
Are you truly reborne?

If you have in you the Holy Spirit, then you belong to God!. You will be raptured and go to heaven, notwithstanding your level of devotion!

Will you suffer loss?
Where will you suffer loss?
What loss may you suffer?

If you are raptured, you will go to heaven, and in heaven you will suffer loss!

Does creation have a hierarchy?
Does Angles have a hierarchy?
Does Evil Spiritual Forces have a hierarchy?
Does Eartly Nations have a hierarchy?
Does the Kingdom of God have a hierarchy?

You will suffer loss in heaven, in the Kingdom of God!!!

Are you in Christ?

If you are in Christ, you will be raptured and go to heaven, notwithstanding your level of devotion!

Can you forsake, abandon your believe?
Can you fall out of grace?
Are you truly reborn?
Do you have the Holy Spirit as deposit in your heart?
Are you sealed by the Holy Spirit?

If you are truly reborne and is sealed by the Holy Spirit, then you are a child of God, and you will be raptured and go to heaven, notwithstanding your level of holiness!

What happens after the rapture?
Will people be saved after the rapture?
Who are the goat nations?
Who are the sheep nations?
Who will be part of the gleanings? ( collections bit by bit)
Is the 666 figuratively or physical?
Will people be saved during the 1000 years of Peace?
What is the purpose of the 1000 years of Peace?
Who are the Martyrs?

Millions of people will accept Jesus after the rapture, but most will have to die for their faith (decide not to accept the mark of beast - the 666) These people will be Martyrs.

Is there a "second chance" after the rapture to accept Jesus?
How many chances do you have?
Till when will you have your chance?

There is not really such a thing as a second chance. Man and woman i.e. all people, are destined to die once. Every person thus has one chance, any time before your death!!! (could be after the rapture, during the rapture and even during the 1000 years of Peace).

What does antichrist mean?
What is the spirit of the antichrist?
Who is the person; Antichrist?
How would you know an antichrist spirit?
What happens if you confess Jesus?
Will you be pursued because of the Name of Jesus?
Can you be saved, other than by the name of Jesus?

There is no other way to be saved , other than by the name of Jesus! and any action or belief against the death and resurrection of Jesus, and salvation only through Jesus, is an antichrist spirit which spirit will eventually realize in the person; Antichrist

What is the domain of Satan?
Where is Satan's residence today?
Does the Satan persecute a Christian today?
What is Satan's future?

Satan is on his way to Hell!!!!

Who was Lucifer (Satan)?
Why was Lucifer exiled from Heaven?
What was Lucifer's role in the fall of Adam and Eve?
When did the fall of Lucifer happen?
How many Angels followed Lucifer?
How mighty is Lucifer?
How must you address Satan?
Who was the Sons of GOD?
Can Satan still appear in Heaven?
Can Satan persecute you for your sins today?
How regular should you confess your sins?
When will Satan lose its power to persecute?

Satan must never be underestimated. He is most powerful!!!

When you die, how will you be judged?
Do you go to heaven or hell?
When does judgment happen?
What happens to your spirit and body?
When will you receive your glorified bodies?
What bodies will people have in Heaven?
What is the difference between temporary and glorified bodies?
Will you (and children ) be equal to Jesus in body and age?
What happens to unsaved persons after death?
Will unsaved persons receive glorified bodies?
What happens to a unsaved persons spirit and body?

Heb 9:27 And as it is appointed to men once to die, but after this the judgment,

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